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West Papua: TNI vs OPM

Gepost door: Victor Yeimo ()
Datum: 15 juli 2011 12:18

From posting by Victor Yeimo on AWPA Facebook page . A google translation and use as a guide as google translate can be a bit erratic.
TNI vs. OPM in Puncak Jaya
OPM: TNI Shots Navigate to Home Residents - Thursday, July 14, 2011 18:48 AM

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, PAPUA - Secretary General of the National Liberation Army (TPN), the military wing of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) Wlayah Mountains of Papua Gen. Anthony Wenda Kampong residents said the shooting Kalome Puncak Jaya, Papua, happened this morning when residents were still asleep.
"At that time, we're on guard night and day in Kampong Kalome, and got a barrage of bullets from the TNI are directed into the house until about children and the elderly," Anthony said when contacted Tribunnews via satellite telephone Thursday (14 / 7 / 2011).
"We always will be ready to make contact with the TNI weapons until we were free, because this is the struggle of our people of West Papua," said Anthony Wenda.
A mother with three young children became victims of the shooting military personnel in Kampong Kalome Puncak Jaya regency, Papua.
They were wounded in the crossfire of Army troops Infateri Battalion (Infantry) 753 / Arga Vira Tama (AVT) Nabire civilian opponents armed gangs allegedly the Free Papua Organization (OPM).
Ny Dekimira (50 years), a mother was hit on the right foot. Son, Jitoban Wenda (4), was also hit by injury to left leg. Two other children, neighbors Dekimira, namely Dekimin Wenda (3), and Dimison Wenda (8) years. Both the last name of a bullet on the left leg. The four civilians were victims of the incident that occurred earlier that day.
Other information calls, in addition to falling victim of civilians, victims also fall from the military. Reportedly, four Army soldiers become victims of gunshot wounds by TPN members of OPM. All four are currently in hospital Marten Indey Jayapura.
Fell victim to the mothers and children because the men helped TPN-OPM at the time, so no one was in honay, Papua typical traditional house.
Commander Maj. Gen. kodam XVII Cenderawasih Erfi Triasunu denied the incident. "We just did the pursuit of the TPN OPM in mountainous regions, because Papua is part of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia," he said.
Regarding the presence of civilians who were victims of gunfire sersebut event, two-star generals admit it. "The possibility exists, but we have not received a report from our post in Puncak Jaya," he insisted.
Head of Information Department of the Army (Kadispenad) Brigadier General Wiryantoro to Tribunnews on Thursday (14 / 7), would not comment on that information. "It's related operations of TNI forces deployment. When it comes to coaching the Army personnel, or related to the strength of the army of pure, I can not answer. But when it comes to the deployment of military forces, please ask to buried Paradise and TNI headquarters," said Wiryantoro. (Tribunnews / andre kirwel / Domu d Ambarita)

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  West Papua: TNI vs OPM
Victor Yeimo 15/07/2011 12:18

Re: West Papua: TNI vs OPM

Papua Biak 15/07/2011 15:24

Re: West Papua: TNI vs OPM

JEKA 16/07/2011 00:45

Re: West Papua: TNI vs OPM

Rey 16/07/2011 13:03

Re: West Papua: TNI vs OPM

OPM 16/07/2011 23:47

Re: West Papua: TNI vs OPM

JEKA 17/07/2011 02:59

Re: West Papua: TNI vs OPM

Fedriks w 17/07/2011 05:51

Fedriks w is one of member of BIN

JEKA 18/07/2011 10:43

Re: Jeka is not a Papuanies

Mark 19/07/2011 11:07

Mark is one of Melayoe BIN or u are Brother From Velix Wanggai Irianies!!Sure U are!!

JEKA 20/07/2011 12:57

Mark is one of Melayoe BIN or u are Brother From Velix Wanggai Irianies!!Sure U are!!

JEKA 20/07/2011 14:05

Alam Papua selalu Membela Tuan nya orang Papua, bukti 6 anggota BIN Dead; 1 tni dead in Merauke krn terjun payung salah..

JEKA 21/07/2011 01:29


Denisha 30/07/2011 17:41

Re: West Papua: TNI vs OPM

tni will go down 23/07/2011 12:50

tni - militer-melayoe-java-pancuri VS OPM "Bravo"PAPOEA

JEKA 26/07/2011 00:08


Andi 29/07/2011 08:17


Loree 29/07/2011 09:57

tni Cann't fight against OPM because OPM is supoted by Western Christian and Israel World

Agus Yudoyono 29/07/2011 09:39


Gracelyn 29/07/2011 14:35
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